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Who We Are


Asian Blending is a wholly-owned subsidiary of SIS’88 Pte Ltd and is based on the SIS site in Singapore. A scrupulously managed and hermetically sealed operation, Asian Blending provides a pristine and protected environment for the precision blending of various powdered products to make both ingredients for food and drink production and for final consumer products.

Our History

1992 – Founded as Eastern Blending
2006 – New blending factory built at current site
2015 – Launched our first 3-in-1 coffee brand – Trillo

Why Choose Us

We believe that quality is paramount in everything we do and to everyone it comes in touch with – from consumers, to customers, and right down to our own employees.

In line with this, Asian Blending have been recognized through the many certifications we have garnered as  a proof of our continuous efforts to lead in best practices for food safety and production.