Our Services

Asian Blending’s core business is the supply of high quality food ingredient blends for our clients. We produce blends of up to seven core ingredients with dosing accuracy up to 0.1%. Product can be packed in retail packets such as sachets or sticks; food service pouches of 100g – 5kg or industrial bulk packaging such as 25 – 30kg or tote bags.

Private Label

Many clients want to outsource production of their retail products to a reliable and efficient third party. A large part of Asian Blending’s production capacity is dedicated to helping our clients achieve this. We can produce retail sachets and sticks of all shapes and sizes, packed in retail pouches or loose in a carton.

  • Flavoured Milk Powder – Vanilla
  • Flavoured Milk Powder – Banana
  • Flavoured Milk Powder – Strawberry
  • Flavoured Milk Powder – Chocolate
  • Flavoured Milk Powder – Date
  • High Calcium Bone & Muscle Health Milk
  • Classic 3-1
  • Cappuccino 3-1
  • Latte 3-1
  • Hot Chocolate
  • Matcha Latte

Kraftbags PouchesSticks 3

Food Service

We supply MNCs and other food-industry companies with food-ingredient solutions such as chocolate, confectionary or dairy pre-mixes, etc. We also specialise in providing ready-to serve beverage mixes for coffee-shops and other retailers. Packaging options for this type of produce range from 100g – 3kg pouches and can be tailored to match specific batch sizes. We can also nitrogen-flush pouches to prevent product degradation.


We produce high quality blends comprising up to 7 distinct food-ingredients. Bulk packaging options suitable for industrial applications are fully-customisable and include 25-30kg and up to 1mt tote bags.